Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

I decided to pull some photos from my archives for this weeks photo challenge “On Top”. This set of photos was taken in the most Northern part of California, just about 11 miles below the Oregon border. Enjoy the Top of California.

Klamath River Rainbow - Hornbrook, California

Klamath River Rainbow – Hornbrook, California

R-Ranch - Hornbrook, California

R-Ranch – Hornbrook, California

Horses in the Pasture at Flycaster Pond at R Ranch - View to Oregon from California

Flycaster Pond at R-Ranch – View to Oregon from California

Misty Morning on the Klamath River - Hornbrook, California

Misty Morning on the Klamath River – Hornbrook, California

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Welcome to Surf City USA

Surfing has had such a monumental influence on life in Huntington Beach that it is embraced as more than just a sport, for many who live here surfing is a lifestyle.

1 Surf City HB Surfing MonumentHalf Moon

Surfer Catching Wave Statue HBSurfer Statue at the Entrance to Huntington State Beach

1 Surfboards Monument HB California USASurfboard Monument near Huntington Beach main lifeguard station

Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Statue Main Street Huntington Beach 1Duke Kahanamoku Memorial Statue on Main Street at Pacific Coast Hwy

Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Statue inscription plaque Main Street Huntington Beach CAInscription on Duke Kahanamoku’s Memorial

Surf City HB Jr Lifegauard Monument 1Huntington Beach Jr. Lifeguard Memorial on the sand in front of HB main lifeguard station

Huntington beach International Surfing Museum P-1Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum

Mural International Surfing Musuem HBSurfing Mural painted on the wall of Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum





Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


…the point or level at which something begins or changes.
…a level, point, or value above which something is true or will take place and below which it is not or will not.
…the point at which a physiological or psychological effect begins to be produced.

Graveyard Playhouse

He was a man I barely knew,
but, oh how I needed him as I grew.

I guess life was just too hard to stick around,
he could have helped me keep my feet on the ground.

I wished he had been there to see me all grown,
a lot less seeds I would have sown.

I still remember the songs he would sing,
to my eyes tears they still bring.

He went away when I was just twelve,
all those feelings I had to shelve.

I acted as though I took it in stride,
but in reality it really hurt my pride.

When all is said and done,
I think he missed out on so much fun.

I feel for the pain that he was in,
but that still won’t bring him back again.

Daddy Daddy I loved you so,
why, oh why did you have to go?  

(This Poem was written by me many years ago during a bout of severe depression. I’m not much of a Poet or writer, but sometimes writing helps to ease my pain.)

I went to visit my father for the first time in 39 years last Sunday for his Birthday. I’m not sure why it took me this long, since I only live about an hour away. I guess I just didn’t feel like it was something I needed to do.

It took me many years to learn how to forgive him. After all I was only 12 when he chose to leave us. I just couldn’t understand how he could leave his 10 children for my Mother to raise and support alone. What could be so bad to make you want to take your own life?

Happy Birthday Daddy  2014This Photo was taken by my husband Charlie and it is being used with his permission.

For those who are hurting inside please remember that your emotional pain will eventually subside, but Suicide hurts the loved ones you leave behind forever!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Please Pick Me – Chihuahua Puppies at the OC Animal Shelter

I picked this photo for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge because these little guys are truly on the threshold of life and death. Everytime I look at this picture my heart hurts for them. I may not have been able to save them all, but I was able to save one lucky little lady that day.

Gidget 9102010

I was told by the animal shelter staff that her name was Pipi, and that she was a Brussels Griffon Pug Mix Puppy that had been surrendered by her previous owner. When I stopped by to see her in her kennel she just growled and barked at me through the kennel bars, but I saw through that tough little bitch act. I was soon able to coax her into coming to me. I had been looking for a new puppy for quite a few months, since my last dog had passed away almost a year before. I guess my heart must not have been ready to accept a new puppy dog before this. That little show of attitude and mistrust let me know that we were kindred spirits. I adopted this scared little girl on that very same day.

Brussell Griffon Pug Mix  - Gidget the Pound Puppy is 4 years old

She didn’t look like a Pipi to us, so we changed her name to Gidget. We soon became best buddies. This is my sweet little Puppy dog 3 1/2 years later. She is the most loyal and content furry little friend that I could ever ask for.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Koi Reflections: Photograph taken at the Japanese Gardens in San Antonio, Texas while visiting my son and his young family.

The Koi Fish symbolize the calm serene life I now live, with the Tree in Reflection “the Family Tree” a symbol of a distant memory of the turmoil my life once was.

Time to Stock Up on Clay

Time to Stock up on Clay

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