Mark Chagall’s RABBI WITH TORAH found in a Yard Sale

It’s true, I really did find this authentic vintage Lithograph of Mark Chagall’s “Rabbi With Torah” in a yard sale. It may not be an original Chagall Oil Painting, but it is probably the closest I will ever get to owning one.


Mark Chagall – Rabbi With Torah

This fine art vintage lithograph of Chagall’s original painting depicts a Jewish Rabbi clutching the Sacred Torah Scrolls, which are depicted in a deep rich red color. The background is one of the typical Russian Village scenes that Chagall is well known for painting, along with his use of white and bright colors. The Rabbi has a sad, but determined expression as he is swiftly leaving the town behind him. His haste is probably a result of an order of expulsion of all Russian Jews by the Tzar of Russia. Prior to World War I, Chagall often traveled between St. Petersburg Russia, Paris France, and Berlin Germany. He spent the war years in Soviet Belarus. While there he became one of the country’s most distinguished artists, and founder of the Vitebsk Arts College. He made his reputation as a major Jewish folk artist, and as a pioneer of modernism. Pablo Picasso remarked in the 1950s “When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what color really is”. Image

Mark Chagall – Rabbi With Torah

 image size is 10.5 x 14, paper size is 12.5 x 16







Copyright New York Graphic Society, Fine Art Publishers


Printed in Holland


This is how my Chagall Print looked after cleaning most of the thick layer of dust off of the frame and glass. When I took the print out of the frame to check for authenticity and to photograph it, I found another whole layer of shmootz on the glass. Being as anal as I am, I may have to take new photos after I put it all back together. My apologies for the photo glare, I am a better artist than photographer. TITLE: Rabbi With Torah

ARTIST: Marc Chagall (Russian French, 1887-1985)

COPYRIGHT: New York Graphic Society, Fine Art Publishers 

LITHOGRAPH – unsigned 

Printed in Holland 1965 (approx.)

Chagall – Rabbi with Torah Lithograph image size is 10.5 x 14, paper size is 12.5 x 16

This vintage lithograph is for sale in my Etsy shop LaLindaArtStudio

You can also go to my shop by clicking on the “My Shop” menu tab in the upper right side of this page.

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11 thoughts on “Mark Chagall’s RABBI WITH TORAH found in a Yard Sale

  1. callmeclevervintagegoods says:

    Sheesh. Good find! Congrats!

    • Thank you. I have it hanging in the entry way to my house. I love this piece of art so much, I think that I may not be able to part with it. Every item I feel this way about always sells, lol.

  2. Hello :) Chagall print salle photo email.Merci

  3. The CHAGALL Rabbi With Torah Lithograph is no longer available, although I do have a few other vintage paintings available here.

  4. Su Leslie says:

    What a wonderful find; congratulations. It is a beautiful piece even from the photographs – haunting and brave and quite powerful. :-)

  5. Su Leslie says:

    Thanks for the follow BTW : much appreciated :-)

  6. Tammy says:

    Would you care to tell me how much you sold your Chagall Rabbi with Torah for. I also found one at a yard sale this weekend and do not know what would be a good asking price.

  7. Denise spears says:

    I found one at the goodwill, what should I do?

    • If you want to know what it is worth then you should probably take it to an art appraiser to see if it is a real lithograph, or just a print. If you love it, keep it and enjoy it :)

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