Product Photography HELP! – Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

Artisan Jewelry by LaLinda Art Studio - Beachy Blue and White Necklace

Art Jewelry  by LaLinda - Beachy Swirly Beads - Polymer clay Jewelry

I decided to use my Polymer Clay Jewelry as the subject for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, since this weeks photo theme is Work of Art. I chose these particular photos for the challenge not because they are great photos, quite the opposite reasons really. Sure, I love playing around with amature Photography, but I know my lack of photography skills really shows when it comes to product photography.

I use a Nikon Coolpix 510 Camera, Macro lens setting, a light box with natural light, but I still can’t seem to get it right. I’m not going to lie, I would be up a creek without Photoshop! I especially struggle with glare off of my shiny jewelry pieces. I’m not really skilled enough to use the manual settings on my camera yet, but any constructive tips on jewelry and product photography from you photo blogging masters would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Linda



Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

I think pretty much every Artist out there knows the term Happy Accident. Some of my best techniques came about by accidents, or fortunate mistakes. The technique for the Orange Batik Pattern on these Polymer Clay Earrings was the result of just such a happy accident.

I started out wanting to create a pair of Red and White Floral Earrings, just like the Black and White ones pictured in my previous post. I conditioned and rolled out my White Polymer Clay. I then stamped a Flower Pattern onto the Clay, and hand cut it into my big dangly earring shape. I painted the stamped clay with Red Acrylic Paint before baking it. After it is baked and cooled I then sand the top layer of paint off. Well, the Red Paint did not cure the same as all the other colors of acrylic paint that I have baked on Polymer Clay before. It came out really thick and sticky after baking it. Trying to save the piece I decide to try sanding it totally smooth. The more I sanded the piece, the more I liked it. The red paint had left a stain on the clay, almost like a henna design.

I suddenly wanted to try this red dye painting technique on a Yellow and Orange Skinner Blend to create a tropical design. This Yellow Orange Batik Style Design is the result.  I’m hoarding this pair, they will be the perfect accessory for my Caribbean Cruise coming up in December.

Classic Floral Print Black and White Earrings

Classic Floral Print Black and White Earrings

Black and White Floral Print Earrings – Sterling Silver and Polymer Clay Jewelry by LaLinda Art Studio

Earrings measure 2 1/2″ inches X 1 1/4″ inches

Custom Orders are welcomed. I can make these earrings in any color combination that you would like. They are not yet listed in my Etsy Jewelry Shop, but you may still Contact me there to start a Custom Jewelry Listing, or I can invoice you via PayPal. Sterling Silver Earring price is $35 USD.

Fresh from the Art Studio – Turquoise and White Earrings

Fresh from the Art Studio -  Turquoise and White Earrings

Turquoise and White Floral Pattern Earrings are handmade from White Premo Polymer Clay, and Turquoise Mica Powder. Earrings are finished with Sterling Silver hook style ear wires.

Polymer Clay Earrings hang 2 1/2″ inches x 1 3/8″ inches

These Floral Pattern Earrings can be Custom Ordered in your Custom Color Choices. Polymer Clay with Sterling Silver Earring price is $35 USD.

These Earrings are not available in my shop yet, Please Contact me if you would like to order a pair. I can invoice you through PayPal, or create a Custom Order listing for you in my Etsy Shop.

Geometric Prints in Jewelry & Beach Fashion Street Photography

2103 HB US OPEN of SURFING Beach Fashion PhotosBlack and White Chevron Print BikiniThis California surfer girl is Smoking Hot in her Black and White Chevron Print Bikini.

I’ve been very busy this past few weeks creating my new line of Geometric Jewelry. I was inspired by the current hot Runway Trend of Black and White geometric prints, colorful geometric patterns and shapes. I love the Retro Mod feel of these timeless designs. The Bold Mod Geometric Fashions were really Groovy when they hit the scene in the 1960’s, so Bitchin in the 1980’s, and they are Fabulously Hot on the Beach in 2013!

Vans US OPEN of SURFING July 24 2013 copy

The US OPEN of  SURFING has been going on this past week in Huntington Beach. The California beach culture, party energy is a great vibe when this Pro Surfing Competition happens here every summer. It is the Largest Surfing Competition in the World, with the best of the best Pro Surfers coming here to compete. The U.S. Open is part of the qualification process for the ASP World Surfing Tour.

My honey and I took a bike ride down to the Beach yesterday morning to get some exercise, and check out the beach scene. Gidgy monster got to ride along in the basket too. I sat there on the grass with Gidget listening to my music and people watching, while he went and tried to get Free Swag from the Vans Promo Guys (he just loves to get something for free). In a matter of just a few minutes of people watching I started noticing a lot of Black and White Geometric Prints in the swimwear, and beach accessoriesI was elated to see my hunch to create this Jewelry line must be on the right track. Damn it, I did not bring my Camera! Hubby comes back after a few minutes, well probably more like 20 with a hot tip “Vans is going to be giving out some really good swag in about an hour”. Cool! We can ride home and get a bite to eat, drop off the dog, and grab my Camera!


This Stylish Pink and Black String Bikini bathing suit is a really cute take on a colorful Chevron Zig Zag Print.

9 Big Geometric Dangle Earrings - Sterling Silver Earrings with Polymer Clay Zig Zag PendantsBlack and White Zig Zag Chevron Print Earrings – Sterling Silver

Black Checkerboard Knit Dress Pink and Black Bangle Bracelets

She is too cute in her Black Checkerboard Print knit dress. I love how she accented her outfit with Pink and Black Bangle Bracelets, they match her pink cell phone. I didn’t make the bracelets she is wearing, but I do have some Bangle Bracelets that look just like these that are made out of Polymer Clay for Sale in my Shop.

31 Black and White Checks - Geometric Earrings - Runway Jewelry by LaLindaArtStudio on Etsy

Black and White Checked Earrings by LaLinda

1 Geometric Jewelry - Earrings - Black and White Checks Earring

Black and white Geometric Earrings by LaLindaArtStudio

Red and White Checkerboard Vans Headband bandana

Even the guys are getting into the action with the checkerboard prints.

Vans Black and White Checkerboard Beach Umbrella

He got that good Vans Swag he was after. Yes, a checkerboard Beach Umbrella. How Perfect is that! One of the Van Doran’s,  the original owners of Vans, gave it to Charlie personally. Vans Surf and Skate wear is making a comeback big time with taking over sponsoring the US Open of Surfing. Oh, there goes a nice blue and green Chevron Print crossing in the background.

Black and white diamond print shorts

I Love this these Black and White Diamond Print Shorts.

13 Black and White Geometric Earrings - 3 Triangles by LaLindaArtStudio on ETSY

Black and White Diamond Dangle Earrings – Black and White Triangle Polymer Clay Earrings with Sterling Silver Wires

Turuoise and White Board Shorts Black and White Converse Shoes

This young Surfer Dude was looking too cool in his Turquoise and White Board Shorts. Ah, this takes me back to my youth. It’s a good thing my Hubby was there with me, or these boys might have thought I was a Cougar. MeeOw!

Spank the F outta me guy hang loose 1

I think he likes it! Aw, His friend just wants a hug. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Geometrics in mens beach wear blue and white stripe board shorts

He was a little surprised that I wanted to take his picture. Why not take his picture, he is adorable! Uh, plus he is wearing a geometric print, and that is a good enough reason for me. Maybe I should file this one under Cougar Candy ; )

19 Turquoise Geometric Earrings - Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings with Polymer Clay Dangles - by La Linda Art Studio ETSY

Turquoise Blue Geometric Earrings – Diagonal Square Polymer Clay Earrings with Sterling Silver

20 Turquoise Hoop Earrings - Polymer Clay Earrings with Sterling Silver LaLindaArtStudio

Big Bold Geometric Hoop Earrings in Turquoise and Sterling Silver

23 Sterling Silver and Turquoise Earrings - Polymer Clay Jewelry by LaLindaArtStudio on Etsy

Turquoise, Black, and White Triangle Earrings – Sterling Silver and Polymer Clay Jewelry at La Linda Art Studio

Geometrics in mens beach wear turquoise blue stripe trunk

Turquoise and White prints were very hot at the beach yesterday!

Bold Zig Zag Geometric Orange and Gray Stripe SkirtBold Zig Zag Geometric Chevron Dress in Orange and White

I want to thank all of my Gorgeous, and Hot Models for giving me Permission to take your Photographs yesterday. You were all so kind to let me take your pictures. I apologize to my last two fashionable ladies that were really rocking the Orange Stripe Skirt, and Chevron Print Dress. I am so bummed that my photos of you were blurry due to a camera malfunction. Hit me up if you would like to appear in a future blog. I promise to bring my reading glasses next time, so I can do your Sexiness justice. If you were one of my Models and you want a copy of your Photo Please leave me a Comment, or send a Private Convo e-mail through ETSY.

Until next time, Hang Loose! 

Blue Bangle Bracelet Trio ~ Custom Colors

Blue Bangle Trio I Custom Made these Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets for one of my customers. They are a Special Gift for a Sweet 5 year old Little lady. Polymer Clay Bracelets and Jewelry are available for Custom Order in Adult, Teen and Small Child Sizes. They are a great way for Cheerleaders to show their Team Spirit.

Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets and Heart wave Pendant FreebieThis Heart Wave Pendant is a Freebie. It’s just a little something extra to say Thank You to a very nice customer.

Heart Flag PendantThis is the reverse side of the Polymer Clay Necklace. If you want to see more of my Artsy Handmade Jewelry just follow the link below to my Etsy Jewelry and Vintage Collectibles Shop.

Happy 100 Sale!

Happy 100 Sale!

My ETSY Shop has finally hit 100 Sales…Here’s a coupon to Celebrate

Enter LUCKY100 at checkout for 20%OFF your entire order.

I Buy and Sell Vintage & Antique Collectibles to support my Art Habit.

I design & make Polymer Clay Jewelry including handmade Beads, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Butterfly Jewelry and Wind Chimes. My art is often inspired by the beauty of nature.

My favorite items to buy and sell are Quality Vintage Toys, Cool Retro Radios, Kitschy Kitchen Decor, Cookie Jars, Porcelain Dolls, China, Avon Classic Car Decanters, Budweiser Beer Steins, Antique Fishing Reels, Primitive Tools and Vintage Advertising Memorabilia.

Polymer Clay Jewelry – Beaded Bracelet with Matching Bangle Bracelets

1 Pink and Purple Polymer Clay Beaded Bracelet custom order

Custom Made Bracelets – Handmade Purple Pink and White Glitter Bead Bracelet was specially made For my Sweet Sweet Sabryna.

Sabryna is my 7 year old Granddaughter. She recently complemented me on a red white and blue sparkly beaded bracelet that I was wearing for Memorial Day. She sweetly asked me, with those cute Betty Boop eyes, “if I could make here some sparkly bling jewelry in her Favorite colors”. She was quite excited about her bracelet she was having custom made. She lives downstairs from us and every time she would see Grandpa coming and going outside, she would inquire about Grandma Linda’s whereabouts, and was I working on her bracelet? She was delighted when I presented her with her Sparkly Set of Bracelets, since she was only expecting one beaded bracelet. It makes me happy to see her smile.

Sabryna is quite a budding artist herself. I am planning for us to have Craft Time scheduled once a week during the Summer, so that she and I can enjoy a few hours of Art time together regularly.

Follow the link below to Order your Own Custom Designed Bracelets

1 Pink and Purple Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets

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Polymer Clay Peacock Necklace and Earrings

I got busy and finished up a few jewelry projects last week. This is the jewelry that I  created out of the handmade Polymer Clay Peacock Beads that a shared with you a few weeks ago. 1a Bronze PEACOCK  necklace P 3 - 50

This Peacock colored beaded Necklace measures 23″ inches long. It is made with handmade polymer clay beads, blue ceramic glass beads, and blue crystal bi-cone beads.

1a Bronze PEACOCK  necklace P FULL

I created these pretty peacock beads by stacking multiple layers of polymer clay together, then slicing the clay with a curved polymer clay blade. It is always exciting to me to see what beautiful abstract design will appear when I cut into the colored stacks of clay.

1a Artsy Bronze PEACOCK  necklace CLASP

I used a blue / black colored metal toggle clasp on this necklace. I like to finish my necklaces using 2 sets of crimp beads on either side of the clasp for added strength.

1a Artsy Bronze PEACOCK Earrings !A

I made this pretty pair of dangling peacock earrings to match the necklace.

1a Artsy Bronze PEACOCK Earrings !A 2

I used antique bronze colored hook style ear wires to accent the blue, green and gold peacock colors. I thought silver would be too harsh of a contrast on this piece.

1a Artsy Bronze PEACOCK  necklace L 1 50

This pretty Peacock Necklace and Earrings would really brighten up a little white summer dress, or add a nice Pop of color to a simple t-shirt and jeans.

You can see more examples of this technique, and more of my Polymer Clay Jewelry in my Etsy Shop here.

Custom Jewelry Orders are welcome

Old is Beautiful

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating my Mother’s 78th Birthday. We decided we would make a few stops along the 85 mile drive up to Mom’s house. We stopped at the Bel-Air swap meet off of the 10 Freeway in Rialto, CA (i think) for a quick treasure hunt. I must say I was pretty disappointed with this swap meet. It was basically a bunch of cheap new merchandise, mostly from Mexico. There was only a smattering of used goods there, most of it was along the back row. I wish I had known that before walking through rows and rows of cheap crap. I did find a nice pair of used boot trees for only $1 for my new boots that I was hoping to buy at our next stop on our list. I’ll probably talk about sexy cowboy boots in another post down the road.

We met up with my Mom, brother, his wife and son at a nice Asian American Restaurant called Paradise Buffet that my brother had suggested we go to. Charlie and I arrived quite a bit before Mom. We were very surprised to see a line out the door, so we hurried and got in line while waiting for them to arrive. The food was very good for a buffet, but unfortunately I was not real hungry since we had just stopped to try a pastrami sandwich on our drive to Mom’s house. In our defense we were expecting to be eating in town with Mom much later, but my brother called while we were on our way and suggested a place to eat that we had just passed about 10 miles ago, that saved us about 30 miles of driving each way.

ImageGood times!…Hey, I’m actually smiling in this photo. 

ImageMom opening her birthday gift from us.

ImageShe really liked the magnetic clasp that I put on the necklace that I made for her. She had previously asked me to put a magnetic clasp on any necklace that I planned to make for her, to make them easy for her to put on and take off.

Image Polymer Clay Necklace with Silver Pearls and Pink Crystal beads.

ImagePink, white, and silver Polymer Clay Beads.

ImageMagnetic clasp on the necklace.

ImageMom loves Pink! I think she really liked her gifts.

1 A Arion Cora Dave Charlie -1  1 - 50My brother and his family with my husband Charlie.

ImageHappy Birthday to the best Mom in the world for me. This beautiful, amazing lady raised 11 children almost single handed. I love you more than words can say Mom! Your not old, just aged well.

Polymer Clay Peacock Beads

I am pretty much addicted to this polymer clay bead making technique. I have more ideas for colors of these beads than I will ever have time for. It is a rather time consuming process, but I think it is totally worth the end results.




I thought I would share a little tip on saving money by using household items as tools. Here is what I like to use to poke holes in my beads before baking them. They are the little skewers used for lacing up a turkey. They are the perfect sized hole for me, and I can bake my beads right on them. I buy mine at the 99cent store.


They fit perfectly in my homemade bead baking pan. I made this bead pan out of a box that candles came in. I just cut little notches in it for the bead pins to fit in. It is perfectly safe to put cardboard in your oven at the low baking temperatures required for polymer clay.


If there is a particular technique or tutorial that you would like to see featured here please leave me a comment below.

You can see more examples of different colors of these handmade beads here