Risque Pin-Up Girl, Topless Mermaids, Ships and Dragons ~ Vintage Tattoos from the 1960’s

Naked Pin Up Tattoo Set

Naked Pin Up Tattoo Set


Military Medal Tattoo Set - Vintage 1967 TaTu Paris France

Military Medal Tattoo Set – Vintage 1967 TaTu Paris France


Mermaid Tattoo - Vintage Mermaid Temporary Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo – Vintage Mermaid Temporary Tattoo



 I have 13 different Sets of these Old School Tattoos available for Sale in my Shop, LaLinda Art Studio on Etsy. Each Tattoo Transfer Set features 1 large black and white tattoo, with 4 smaller color tattoos, and 8 tiny assorted 1/2″ tattoos.

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Bringing Home a Pair of Mouse Ears

Bringing Home a Pair of Mouse Ears


My Vintage Mickey Mouse Ears are featured on the “Official Etsy Blog” in this article written by Lisa Butterworth about Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth.

Happy 100 Sale!

Happy 100 Sale!

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I Buy and Sell Vintage & Antique Collectibles to support my Art Habit.

I design & make Polymer Clay Jewelry including handmade Beads, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Butterfly Jewelry and Wind Chimes. My art is often inspired by the beauty of nature.

My favorite items to buy and sell are Quality Vintage Toys, Cool Retro Radios, Kitschy Kitchen Decor, Cookie Jars, Porcelain Dolls, China, Avon Classic Car Decanters, Budweiser Beer Steins, Antique Fishing Reels, Primitive Tools and Vintage Advertising Memorabilia.

The Thrill of The Hunt…Thrifting for Fun

Being a Vintage Picker, I spend many hours combing local thrift stores, yard sales, and swap meets to find those rare, old vintage treasures that really speak to me. Many of these treasures have just been thrown away, or discarded by their past owners. Maybe they are just old and fragile, like some of my favorite people. These old treasures still hold a simple beauty to me. They take me back to a more carefree time of days gone by.

Pale Yellow Coorsite Water Pitcher – Vintage 1930s
ImageI found this simple, yet classic Coorsite Water Pitcher at my local Goodwill Store this past week.

This chic, Art Deco style of ceramic stonewear was very high end for its day. The classic modern style of this ceramic pottery is very collectible, and still stylish more than 75 years after it was produced.

ImageHF Coors Pottery Company, the manufacturers of Coorsite Pottery was started in Inglewood, California in 1925 by Herman Franklin Coors. Herman Coors was the son of the renowned brewer of Coors beer. HF Coors Pottery was well known for manufacturing durable, commercial quality, ceramic dinnerware and kitchen ware.

ImageCoorsite Water Pitcher No. 992

I am trying to figure out if this style of Coorsite Water Pitcher was made before the similarly styled Homer Laughlin, Fiesta Ware water pitcher. They were both manufactured in the 1930s during the art deco period. I wonder who copied who?

FiestaWare Pitcher (sample photo only)ImageThis is a vintage FiestaWare Water Pitcher from the same era as the Coorsite Pitcher shown above.

Vintage 1960s DrinKaddy ™ Bottle Cooler & Carrier 

ImageThis retro Cola Bottle Caddy and Drink Cooler is another of my favorite recent yard sale finds.

Image I was really excited to find a whole display box full of these cool drink carriers. They are also an energy efficient beverage cooler, just dangle your bottled beer or soda in the cold river or lake below your boat.

A Real Cool Catch!

The postmark on the shipping / display box is Aug.22. 1962

ImageTo open just spin the handle on top to open, reverse the handle direction to close. Bottle Carrier holds 6 bottles of your favorite beer or soda beverage.

ImageA must have fishing accessory for the thirsty sportsman. A fisherman’s dream, cold beer or soda, No ice needed!

Vintage Boat Oil Painting – Signed R. ThielvoltImage
Vintage Oil Painting of a rustic, colorful old boat and trailer parked on the boat dock in front of the bait shack, or old boat house.

ImageThis serene boating scene depicts a boat dock with a colorful little dingy boat on a trailer. Birds fly wildly over the tall sailing ship masts, with dark cloudy skies in the background.

ImageOil painting is signed R. Thielvolt, possibly Thielvalt? Any information on this painting, location, or information on the Artist would be greatly appreciated.

ImageI found this oil on canvas painting in a local yard sale, along with a few other cool Nautical wall hangings.

One of the other paintings combined in this purchase was a watercolor painted on a Lithograph of an Oregon Lighthouse. The lighthouse print was originally signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, the previous owner had butchered the signature when trimming the print to frame it. I will probably re-purpose the lighthouse painting into a new piece of art using parts of the old painting. I just can’t bear to throw away the painting, so I am going to give it a new life.

Antique Iron Tricycle – Vintage 1890sImageI would have to say that this 1890s Antique Iron Tricycle was one of my very best swapmeet finds yet. I found this rustic old trike at the Goldenwest  swap meet in Huntington Beach, California. The man selling this beauty wanted $75 for it, my husband walked away with it for the bargain price of only $50. I recently sold this gorgeous antique toy trike to an International Photography Studio.

When I am lucky enough to find one of these cool old vintage treasures at a great price it gives me such a thrill. I just wish I could keep all of these treasures for myself, but alas my home is only so big. There is a fine line between collector and hoarder, so I share these rare beauties with all of you.

I am still on the Ultimate Hunt for that special treasure to show off at the Antique Roadshow coming to Anaheim, CA in June. If you have something really old, or just really unique I would love to hear about it, and possibly purchase it from you to take to the Antiques Road Show.

Mark Chagall’s RABBI WITH TORAH found in a Yard Sale

It’s true, I really did find this authentic vintage Lithograph of Mark Chagall’s “Rabbi With Torah” in a yard sale. It may not be an original Chagall Oil Painting, but it is probably the closest I will ever get to owning one.


Mark Chagall – Rabbi With Torah

This fine art vintage lithograph of Chagall’s original painting depicts a Jewish Rabbi clutching the Sacred Torah Scrolls, which are depicted in a deep rich red color. The background is one of the typical Russian Village scenes that Chagall is well known for painting, along with his use of white and bright colors. The Rabbi has a sad, but determined expression as he is swiftly leaving the town behind him. His haste is probably a result of an order of expulsion of all Russian Jews by the Tzar of Russia. Prior to World War I, Chagall often traveled between St. Petersburg Russia, Paris France, and Berlin Germany. He spent the war years in Soviet Belarus. While there he became one of the country’s most distinguished artists, and founder of the Vitebsk Arts College. He made his reputation as a major Jewish folk artist, and as a pioneer of modernism. Pablo Picasso remarked in the 1950s “When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what color really is”. Image

Mark Chagall – Rabbi With Torah

 image size is 10.5 x 14, paper size is 12.5 x 16







Copyright New York Graphic Society, Fine Art Publishers


Printed in Holland


This is how my Chagall Print looked after cleaning most of the thick layer of dust off of the frame and glass. When I took the print out of the frame to check for authenticity and to photograph it, I found another whole layer of shmootz on the glass. Being as anal as I am, I may have to take new photos after I put it all back together. My apologies for the photo glare, I am a better artist than photographer. TITLE: Rabbi With Torah

ARTIST: Marc Chagall (Russian French, 1887-1985)

COPYRIGHT: New York Graphic Society, Fine Art Publishers 

LITHOGRAPH – unsigned 

Printed in Holland 1965 (approx.)

Chagall – Rabbi with Torah Lithograph image size is 10.5 x 14, paper size is 12.5 x 16

This vintage lithograph is for sale in my Etsy shop LaLindaArtStudio https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaLindaArtStudio

You can also go to my shop by clicking on the “My Shop” menu tab in the upper right side of this page.

I’m on a treasure hunt today

It’s yard sale time, we are off to search for hidden treasures. I need something really unique and amazing for the Antiques road show coming to Anaheim, California in June. No, I don’t have tickets for the Road Show yet, but I have faith in the power of positive thinking. I used to be a pessimist, but when I changed my way of thinking I became lucky. So, wish me Luck.


Hey, I’m an Artist not a Writer

I guess I’ll just jump right in. I have had this blog page reserved for a few months now, but I am still kinda stuck as to where to begin. I guess I’ll begin by saying “Hey, I’m an Artist not a writer”.  You are probably going to see more pictures than words here. A picture is worth a thousand words anyway, right?

Creating Art has always been a big part of my life. I started out as a Fine Art major with stained glass and jewelry making being my favorite mediums of expressing myself. I guess I was planning on being an art teacher at some point. I wasn’t really sure, I just knew I wanted to create art. Well, life took lots of crazy twists and turns, but I always kept creating art whether it was for gifts or just personal pleasure.

Fast forward 30 years later. I am a married Mom with 2 sons and 2 step-daughters, all are grown and out of the house. Thank God we survived!

A  little over a year ago I opened up my online shop to sell my handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry creations. This was a very big jump for me, since like most artist I am not really all that comfortable with marketing my art. In all honesty I am a bit reclusive and would just rather stay in my little studio and create.

After a few months of Jewelry sales I decided I could drive more traffic to my Polymer Clay Jewelry Shop by adding some cool Vintage and Antique items that I culled from my husband’s massive collections, and tada my niche was found.

                                                        dolls and trike